Painting and surface levelling

Painting is one of our main fields of activity, which is carried out by real masters. We are a reliable and highly experienced company operating mainly in Uusimaa region of Finland.

Our advantages are meeting the agreed deadlines and keeping long-term customer relations.

Painting works we do:

  • Levelling
  • Painting of roofs
  • Painting of exterior facades
  • Improvement and finishing painting

We also offer extra services:

How painting is performed?

Preparatory works

We have always emphasized to our customers that proper surface preparation ensures maximum quality and saving on it can significantly increase later costs.

In order to get the best quality, we assess the surface before starting works. As different surfaces (concrete, paint, plaster, drywall, etc.) require slightly different approaches, we perform the following prep works:

  • surface cleaning (eg removal of loose paint and/or plaster)
  • processing holes (eg filling them with paste)
  • covering of surfaces (eg furniture, floors, etc.)
  • reinforcement of corners (eg fitting aluminium corners, mesh tape)
  • taping
  • other works.


After the initial preparations, we start with puttying. In case of plasterboard walls, we first apply putty and smooth out the vertical joints, horizontal joints and screw holes.

When this is done, a second coat of putty is applied to cover the grooves created by drying of the first coat. In case of gypsum plasterboard surfaces, at the customer’s request, it’s possible to only fill the screw holes and joints. We have all the necessary equipment for quick piecework if needed.


A decent plaster will give your home a personal touch. Plastering gives you the opportunity to make your home look great with organic fillers. Plastering is also one of the most important pre-painting works that, when done properly, produces the best desired end result.

We mainly do plastering work for private homes. Working with our suppliers, we ensure that only the latest products and technologies are used.


Once the walls are pasted and properly dried, the walls, corners and other pre-treated surfaces are sanded. During this process, we remove all scratches or lines that appeared during pasting. We also give the walls the smoothness they need, which will make the final finish even better.

After finishing the sanding, we remove the dust.



Painting begins with proper priming (undercoating). As the primer absorbs into the putty, it helps the main paint to stick properly to the surface. It also helps to cover the scratches left from the prep work. Occasionally, the primer also shows the irregularities left after puttying and sanding.

The choice of primer depends on the location of the surface treated. For example, in wet rooms (bathrooms, etc.) different primers are used than those for indoor areas. In addition, we recommend that you use odourless and allergy-free primers (Interior Primer paints).

Once the priming is done, we use a special spray gun to fill the corners of ceilings and walls with an acrylic sealant. It usually takes about 12 hours for this to dry, after which we can start applying the main paint.


Main paints are those previously selected by the customer. Using these, we paint all pre-treated surfaces. We also paint (usually white) window reveals.

Ordering painting work from us

The painting works we offer are always of high quality and professionally performed. So, please feel free to contact us by e-mail
or by phone: +358 4002 10725

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